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Paintings 2023-24

Since moving to Norfolk permanently in 2013, I have been captivated by its wide, open landscape and ever changing skies. Since 2021, these features have affected my usual abstract approach to painting, allowing me to combine the amorphous, abstract qualities of clouds and skies with a free and fluid way of applying paint and colour. I stain diluted acrylic paint directly into unprimed canvas stapled to a board on the floor using sponges and squeegees. Then I develop the painting further using brushes. The resulting soft, blurred forms suggest cloud effects, light, atmosphere, and a mood can also be suggested. My series of  skyscapes and cloudscapes express these ephemeral, natural phenomena.

The pictures are listed from the most recent to earlier works.






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Paintings 2021-22






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Paintings 2020


Shore 2020  



Rebellion 2020     

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Paintings 2018-2019

Cloudscape 2 2019   Cloudscape 1 2019

  Space Journey 2018   Skyscape 7 2019

Morning Light 2019   Lightpool 2018  

Autumn Wind 2019   Autumn Light 2019   Autumn Evening 2019

Morning Mist 2019   Enchanted Garden 2018-20

   Cliff 2019   Golden November 2018    Waterfall 2019  

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Paintings 2016-2017

Moonlight 2017   Pond Mystery 2016   Springtime 2017   Erl-King 2017

   Mediterranean 2017

Skyscape III 2016      Moonlight Gold 2017

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Paintings 2014-2015

Wild Flowers 2014   Sunlight Flow 2015   Yellow Flash 2015

Whoosh! 2015   New Dawn 2015   Lightstorm 2015

Skyscape I 2015   Skyscape II 2015

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Paintings 2008-2011

Mayblossoms 2009-2011    Goldfinch Delight 2008    Sunlight Path 2009

Sunburst 2007-2008   Richmond Autumn 2010

birdgarden 2010   Celestial Dream 2009-2011      Peddars Way 2007-2008

Peddar Early Morning 2010   Summer Heat 2010   Streaks of Gold 2010


Peddar Purple 2010   Peddar Evening 2010   Peddar Moonlight 2011   View 2011

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Paintings 2006-2007

In these paintings I am using larger and more varied brushstrokes to establish more contrasts of shape and colour-areas within the composition. This gives colour a stronger role in the paintings. I am also creating a deeper space by using cooler blues and yellows which recede, while the reds and oranges come forward. Now the drawn brushstrokes appear to move in and out of space.




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Paintings 2004-2005

Here you can see a selection of paintings created in the years 2004 and 2005, except for Light Reflections, 1999, which is the inspiration behind them all. These pictures are particularly vibrant and energetic. Feasts of colour and swirling movements, expressions of freedom and joy.




Paintings 2002-2003

Here you can see a selection of paintings created in the years 2002 and 2003. A theme that recurs in my work is the relationship between geometric shapes. Energy and movement are created through the use of spheres and rectangles and the ways in which they are juxtaposed. The shapes give a clear structure to the paintings and the colours are bright and assertive. Whatever I paint, my objective is to lift the spirit through visual means. For me, art must engender positive feelings.




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Paintings 1994-1999






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