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The artist in his studio

In this website you will find a selection of my work: paintings since 1994, and watercolours since 1992.

I am an abstract painter and normally use acrylic paint on canvas but for smaller works on paper I employ watercolour and/or pastel. I like the versatility that acrylics allow, from thin staining directly into the canvas to thick impasto and the numerous ways in which paint can be applied with sponge, brush, trowel, scraper, spray, roller, or with my hands.

I often work in series because I can concentrate on a theme and then go through a number of variations. In some series the paintings focus on marks rather than flat shapes; there are only intermingling layers of colour, painted wet into wet and wet over dry. The viewer's eye moves from side to side, then into depth and back to the surface again.

My paintings reflect my personality. Sometimes I want to express energy and excitement; at other times a quieter mood prevails. I am always open to new possibilities and I often start a painting on an  impulse and see what happens; the paintings take on a life of their own.

I find that abstract art has unlimited potential because every change in the process of painting creates something new and unexpected for me. And that is what I really enjoy about painting. What seems to be  consistent is the play of light and colour.

I am very aware of the traditions in representational and abstract painting and am striving to add another link through my own researches and experiments.

I have been a painter for over fifty years. I used to live in London but moved to a village near the coast in Norfolk, UK, in 2013. Since then I have been particularly inspired by the ever changing open skies and the cycle of the seasons.

All my pictures are for sale unless they belong to private collections. If you want to see more of my art or purchase a picture, please email me.

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