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Paintings 1994-1999

A Selection

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Although my work is abstract, it derives from sources from the natural world. Whether inspired by the elements of light, water or wind, or more concrete forms such as fruit, the body, landscape or the sun and moon, these images are transformed through intuition and pictorial means into a new reality which communicates moods, rhythms and feelings.

There are no deliberate symbols in my work although one is at liberty to interpret forms and shapes in this way if one so wishes. Each work is a series of relationships of colours, shapes, lines and marks which lead the eye around and across the surface of the painting.

In order to avoid illusion, much of my work has emphasized the flatness of the picture surface and a shallow space although I have never been interested in developing my paintings into reliefs or objects. The use of thick paint and simple planar shapes have also contributed to this intention.

However, I have become dissatisfied with such formal limitations and I have sought to create a deeper sense of space through the use of colour, overlapping shapes and modelling. Still, I try to keep my pictorial language as simple and pure as possible and think of it as analogous to music. My aim is to challenge and satisfy the eye as well as the mind.